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Big Easy Express (dir. Emmett Malloy)

Synopsis: Indie folk heroes Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Tennessee’s Old Crow Medicine Show, and Britain’s acclaimed Mumford & Sons, climbed aboard a beautiful vintage train in California, setting out for New Orleans, Louisiana on a “tour of dreams”. The resulting film from this journey is nothing short of magical.

Director:  Emmett Malloy

I was going to write about a film called Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, but was skeptical on it because I don’t think it’ll be as good as intended. Instead I decided I would write a short, quick blog on this documentary.

This seems like it could be an interesting watch for people who are into the new age indie folk scene that is flourishing right now. Basically we have three indie folk bands taking it back to the railroad days by relying on a vintage train to help them tour from California to New Orleans and  make stops throughout six different cities along the way.

It’s a short watch, only 55 minutes and I think thats perfect for this type of documentary because if it were any longer, it could get repetitive and boring. Aside from that, here’s what I think based on the trailer. To start off, this documentary seems like its part musical and part road movie. The  live performances look intriguing (I.e, Mumford and Sons playing with a marching band). These bands look like they put so much energy into their live performances so the viewers will be able to get an up close view of the bands performing and the joyous crowds who have come to celebrate their music. We’ll also be able to see some intimate behind-the-scene interviews and footage of the bands, whether they’re talking about music or just having some laughs. I’m also sure we’ll  see some collaborative efforts done as well. On top of that, it looks like there will be some beautiful American cinematography that’ll capture an array of landscapes ranging from high canyons to beautiful blue skies.

To sum it up, what we’ll witness is the birth of a new musical era that is starting to finally gain more notice throughout the world. It’s clear to see that these guys eat, breath and sleep music. Overall, it seems like a good opportunity to catch an inside glimpse of how dedicated these guys are at their craft.