The Amazing Spiderman (dir. Marc Webb)

Title: The Amazing Spiderman

Director: Marc Webb

Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen, Sally Field

Synopsis: Teenage outcast Peter Parker finds a clue that may help him understand why his parents disappeared when he was young. This clue ultimately shapes his destiny to become Spiderman and at the same time, puts him on a collision course with Dr. Curt Connors, his father’s former partner.

First and foremost let’s reflect on the previous Spiderman franchise. The first two films in the trilogy were good and then there was the common mistake of fucking up on the third one. To remind you, thats the one where there’s too many overlapping subplots, poor casting choices (Topher Grace as Venom…wtf?!) and this shitty scene.

LMAO. My favourite part starts 42 seconds in. Okay so if there making a remake they better fix the last film portrayal that we saw of Spiderman where he ended up looking like a self-righteous 90s bachelor. Fortunately, after doing some research on it, I think it’ll pull through as a fresh remake.

The previous Spiderman trilogy was based off the comic books in the 70s. This adaptation takes an influence from the newer Spiderman comics, which is darker and grittier. As we’ve seen from previous comic book adaptions that are darker (Batman Beings, X-Men First Class), will help re-introduce a fresh perspective on Spiderman that’ll also explore the history behind Peter Parker and why he ended up living with his aunt and uncle. There will also be a stronger focus on Spiderman being a vigilante and not some glorified superhero is honoured with parades and marching band theme songs.

From the gecko, we’ll be seeing a teenage Peter Parker (…played by Andrew Garfield, who was also in The Social Network) who is still in highschool and is dealing with all the same relatable problems that all teenagers have and that’s the beauty of it. He’s not some god of thunder or a billionaire, he’s just an average kid from Queens, New York which means this adaptation of a superhero film will take place in a more recognizable universe and not on a flying spaceship. It makes it as relatable as possible to in comparison to any other superhero film and deals with the question: “How does the confused, hopeless underdog cope with his reality?”. In the other Spiderman trilogy, Peter Parker appeared to be bi-polar. He was strong as Spiderman but when he was Peter Parker, he was a soft-spoken defenceless emo kid who wined and obsessed over Mary Jane. Spiderman’s sense of humour was also absent at times. This version of Spiderman appears to be more accurate. He is only wearing the costume to protect the one’s he loves. It seems like he’ll have the sense of humour and wit that Spiderman usually has, whether in costume or not. No bi-polar shit.

Much like Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, we will be seeing a different story within the new Spiderman franchise. There’ll be a strong focus on his parents and the mystery behind their disappearance. Fresh material. Parker’s love interest is Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), one of his classmates who is an intern for a science company called Oscorp. She know’s that Peter Parker is Spiderman so through relationship, they also maintain the secrets about Peter Parker. Ironically, Gwen’s father is the police chief of New York and he is hunting Spiderman because he is labeled as a vigilante.

In the previous Spiderman films, Dr. Curt Connors (Peter’s science teacher) is

portrayed as a generous and kind man who is concerned for Peter’s journey through adolescence. In this film, Dr. Curt Connor (played by Rhys Ifans) is one of the head scientists for Oscorp. His portrayal is alot darker, weird and haywire. His role is more pivotal as he is the main antagonist and is also mysteriously involved with Peter’s parents disappearance, as him and Peter’s father were pioneers on a scientific movement. As seen in the trailer, we will be able to see Dr. Curt Connor’s accidental transformation into the lizard due to his experimentation with a serum that helps re-grow limbs and human tissue. According to the director, the Lizard is a “big bully” so we’re bound to see some awesome ground and airborne action scenes between Spiderman and the Lizard.

Lastly, Denis Leary wil be portraying George Stacy, Gwen’s father and a police chief. As I stated above, there will be a stronger focus on Spiderman being a vigilante who is wanted by police. Judging by this clip below, it seems like he get’s a thrill out of being a vigilante.. Maybe they will grow to accept him..maybe not..?

Overall, with the reintroduction of a new franchise comes new opportunities to see stuff that Spiderman fans haven’t seen before. Hopefully if this is successful, there’ll be  some sequels lined up.


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