Moonrise Kingdom (dir. Wes Anderson)

Synopsis: Moonrise Kingdom tells the story of two 12-year-olds who fall in love, make a secret pact, and run away together into the wilderness. As a result, various authorities in the town try to hunt them down.

Release Date: May 25th (US)

Wes Anderson is back with his 7th feature film and once again, he’s put together a lowkey, indie film which has an ensemble cast of eccentric characters.

The Work of  a True Auteur: Wes Anderson has made a reputation for himself as a film auteur. By auteur, I mean that he carries the same themes and style throughout each of his films. That means that Moonrise Kingdom won’t fall short of having typical Anderson-ish dry humor, flawed characters, colourful sceneries, british classic rock soundtrack and of course….Bill Murray.

An Interesting Concept: The two main characters in this film are children and this is a first for Anderson. So we might catch an interesting perspective on a youthful adventure, as seen through Anderson’s quirky narrative – I.e, the shot in the trailer where the young protagonists are seen next to a smoking motorcyle that has been caught in a tree (Hmmmm?)

It looks like this film will be exploring the idea of the unknown. In the beginning, we see ordered institutions – the camp, the nuclear family household and the Christian church. The runaway lovers will be going against this ordered system by venturing off into the wilderness and exploring the unknown. This is good because it’ll disrupt the level of normality in the small town as the community goes haywire over the disappearance of the two young children. Of course, that means we’ll see some humorous interactions/conflicts between the town folks.

The Actors and their Character Portrayals: Anderson loves to cast the same actors in his movies (Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, Owen Wilson, etc…), but what I love more than this is the new actors that appear in Anderson’s films.

Let’s break it down…

  • Bruce Willis as Captain Sharp (The Sherriff)- Amazing choice. Willis has proven he can do comedies in the past and he’s always got a little bit of wit to him (I.e, John McClane in the Die Hard series). He’ll probably be portraying your typical, burn out old man.
  • Frances McDormad as Laura (the mother)- McDormad will be playing the megaphone wielding mother who appears to be in overdrive. Out of all the female actresses, McDormad appears to be the best fit for this character. In the past, she’s proven she can portray strange, but humorous characters- I.e, Fargo, Burn After Reading etc…
  • Edward Norton as Scout Master Ward – Norton shows great versatility as an actor, so moulding himself into an Anderson character won’t be a problem for him. We haven’t seen much of him lately.. and in fact, I don’t remember a memorable role he has done in the last few years (The Hulk…? ..hmm..nahhh). Hopefully he’ll have some memorable moments in this film.
  • …AND..Harvey Keitel has a role in the film. This will probably be a small role or cameo but nonetheless, who doesn’t enjoy a good Harvey Keitel cameo? I.e, his role as “the Wolf” in Pulp Fiction

Extra: Moonrise Kingdom will be headlining at the Cannes Film Festival this year on May 16th, so let’s hope it’s a hit!

Heres some pictures of the cast..


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